Louisiana Heroes Project

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2515 Vance Avenue

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Service Members.


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Combat Wounded.

Families of our Fallen.

 A few years ago I became a military spouse and was uprooted from my home in Michigan and moved to New Orleans to our post. I was away from friends and family and then my husband deployed. I was so depressed and upset. Then I received an invitation to a military appreciation event and everything changed! I was too shy to get around and meet my neighbors and it almost stopped me from going. I decided to go anyway. The volunteers at Louisiana Heroes Project could tell I was shy or something because before I knew it, they were introducing me to other wives and I left with 5 new friends! The best part is they lived in the same housing as me. Your support truly changed my experience as a military spouse away from home. Thank you so much for everything you do!" 

Shawna G.

What Clients Say About Us

“We lost almost everything during the floods this year.  Thank you for helping us get back on our feet again"

The Smith's 

 I joined the Marine Corps when I was 20 years old. It was all I ever wanted to do in life. I served proudly for 14 years and deployed 4 times. I loved everything about being a Marine. When I was severely wounded in Afghanistan and medically discharged, this took a very hard toll on me. I no longer had my brothers and sisters around me for support. After a few years of being out of the service, I felt as if I couldn't take it any more. I truly wanted to end my life. Then I received a phone call asking me to come to an event with other combat wounded around the state. The love and sense of community I felt at this event made me feel proud for the first time since I was discharged. I made some great friends that weekend and am now back to loving life again. I still have my moments when I struggle but I know Louisiana Heroes Project and my new friends are here for me".

Adam R.

“As a single mom, I didn't have enough money to buy food or presents for my kids last year.  Thank you so much for giving us over a month's worth of food, providing gifts for my children and inviting us to the party at the Hard Rock.  My kids had a blast and enjoyed seeing Santa."

Lakesha M. 

“After my husband was medically discharged from the Army, he looked for a job for almost a year.  Being combat wounded with TBI and PTSD, it seemed every interview he went on, he came home more discouraged and began to lose hope.   We were struggling financially and I was beginning to truly worry about the future of our family and our marriage.  I reached out to Louisiana Heroes Project for financial assistance.  Little did I know you helped out with finding employment too.  You provided the encouragement and assistance we needed.  Thank you for connecting us with a local business that not only hired John but understands his disability!

Sarah V. 

“Thanks to the quick response from the Louisiana Heroes Project my family was able to keep health insurance and food in the house while I was out of work due to an injury. You have helped our family tremendously!  Thank you to all those who support Louisiana Heroes Project!” 

Dennis L.

“We can't say thank you enough Louisiana Heroes Project! You were there for us in our time of greatest need. We would have lost our home if you hadn't stepped in and helped. We are forever grateful!"

Melissa T.